Rules Regarding Patio And Deck Aesthetics
Patios and decks are not to be used for storage and may be furnished only by typical patio-type furniture, such as tables, chairs, lounges, umbrellas, and barbeques. Patios, decks, and entryways must present a pleasant aesthetic view from the common areas.

Pre-Approved Architectural Items
The following items have been pre-approved for installation without prior Board approval. However, window, patio door and front door replacement still require submission of the Architectural Variance Request Form to notify management IN ADVANCE OF INSTALLATION and for review by the architecture committee.  For installation, you may hire your own licensed contractor or one recommended by management. In some cases, a city permit may be required for installation. This includes steps by the homeowner to ensure all city requirements have been met.

Windows & Patio Doors
These are the sliding windows and patios doors present in all units. Note that the City of Palm Springs no longer allows aluminum-frame windows.  A high-quality preferred brand/style is Milgard Tuscany or Trinsic lines. All windows and patio doors must be horizontal-sliding, vinyl, retrofit frame with lifetime bronze finish, and dual-glazed, clear, low-E glass.  Available from multiple dealers around the Coachella Valley, including Home Depot, Lowes and others. 

Front Doors
Classic models FC-25 (glass design at top) or FC-60 (no glass).  Painting of front doors to the approved color may be permitted.  Information on specific color is available from management.

Screen/Security Doors
Brand/Model: Gatehouse Gibraltar 36-inch Black Steel Security Screen Door, item #62469.
Brand/Model: SafeHome 36-inch Black Steel Security Screen Door, item #546968
and several more decorative models, all available at local hardware stores.

Balcony Screening
Outdoor sunscreen or shade fabric can be hung from the balcony ceiling to screen out intense sun. Approved colors are tan or beige and dark or dull green.



Canyon Country Club Estados Homeowners, Renters and Guests!

In general, owners, renters, and guests are prohibited from making any alterations, additions, or modifications to the exterior portion of any unit or the common area without prior written Board approval. To obtain approval, complete the Architectural Variance Request Form below and submit it to management.

Satellite Dish Policy
Prior to any installation, the owner must notify Premier Community Association Management and gain permission to have a satellite dish installed per HOA policy.

While a dish may be installed with permission from Premier Community Association Management, an Architectural Variance Request Form and Satellite Dish Policy/Agreement must be submitted for approval by the Board at its next monthly meeting. As of July 2022, these forms can be submitted through the Premier Community Association Management Homeowner AppFolio portal or mobile phone app.  A deposit of $350 is required to be paid with the request, refundable if all conditions of installation are met:

  1. The owner assumes all responsibility for the satellite dish, including installation, service, and removal. This includes any damage caused to the structure by the satellite dish from installation/removal/service, windstorms, natural disasters, and acts of God.
  2. Satellite dishes are not to be installed in any manner that is connected to or penetrates the roof, eves, or any part of the structure.
  3. Placement of the satellite dish must be as inconspicuous as practical.
  4. Installation should ideally be on a weighted surface supplied by the provider.
  5. All cable shall be placed to be as undetectable from a ground view as possible, and in a compatible light color.
  6. Any holes in the stucco or exterior walls shall be properly sealed around cables.
  7. Satellite dishes must be permanently labeled as to the unit to which it belongs, either etched, engraved, or with an ink that will not fade or run. Unlabeled satellite dishes may be removed and/or discarded.
  8. Upon sale of property or discontinuance of service, the satellite dish must be removed, including all cable and hardware, and the patching and painting of any holes in the structure. This work must be done by a licensed, bonded, and approved contractor.
  9. After removal and satisfactory inspection, the $350 deposit will be refunded within 14 days.
  10. All proposed projects must address the protection of the roof membrane. Any holes necessary to install equipment must be reported. Any damage to the integrity of the roof structure, whether or not approved by management, will be the responsibility of the unit owner.
  11. All debris and old equipment from any rooftop project must be removed from the roof. All large debris must be disposed of offsite, not in our community trash.