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Pre-Approved Architectural Items

The following items have been pre-approved for installation without prior Board approval. However, door and window replacement still require submission of the Architectural Variance Request Form to notify Management.

For installation, you may hire your own licensed contractor or one recommended by Management. In some cases, a city permit may be required for installation.

Prices and availability shown below are as of June 2011, do not include installation (except where stated), and are examples only. In most cases, substantially similar items may be substituted for those shown.

You may also be able find these or equivalent items elsewhere at different prices; we suggest you shop around.

Front Doors

Classic) models FC-25 (glass design at top) or FC-60 (no glass)
Current price: $346 (FC-25)/$170 (FC-60). If ordering pre-hung, add about $150.
Available at: Builders Supply Co., 490 E. Sunny Dunes Rd., Palm Springs. Phone: (760) 323-1926

Architectural Issues

In general, owners, renters, and guests are prohibited from making any alterations, additions, or modifications to the exterior portion of any unit or the common area without prior written Board approval. To obtain approval, complete the Architectural Variance Request Form below and submit it to Management.

Architectural Variance Request Form (PDF) 

Architecture and Design Control (from Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) (PDF)

Satellite Dish Installation

Satellite dishes may be placed on a mounting block (supplied by the installer) on the roof only. They may not be screwed into the roof or the side of the building, and must not be visible from the common areas.

Satellite dish installation requests require both Management and Board approval, and a $350 refundable deposit. Please submit the Architectural Variance Request Form and the Satellite Dish Policy/Agreement, and you will be contacted by Management.

New Rules Regarding Patio and Deck Aesthetics

Patios and decks are not to be used for storage, and may be furnished only by typical patio-type furniture, such as tables, chairs, lounges, umbrellas, and barbeques. Patios, decks, and entryways must present a pleasant aesthetic view from the common areas.

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Screen Doors

Brand/Model: Gatehouse Gibraltar 36-inch Black Steel Security Screen Door, Item #62469

Current Price: $118

Available at: Lowe's, Palm Springs. Phone: (760) 866-1901

Brand/Model: SafeHome 36-inch Black Steel Security Screen Door, Item #546968

Current Price: $74
(and several more decorative models at slightly higher prices)

Available at: Home Depot, Palm Springs. Phone: (760) 322-0424


These are the sliding windows in bedrooms, dining room, and kitchen. Note that the City of Palm Springs no longer allows aluminum-frame windows.

Brand/model: Amsco horizontal-sliding, vinyl, retrofit frame with lifetime bronze finish, and dual-glazed, clear, low-E glass

Current Price: $400 (kitchen), $675 (dining room); add about $175 for installation

Available at: California Window & Door, Palm Desert; phone 760-844-2786 (Craig) or 760-773-1053 (main number)

Balcony Screening

Outdoor sunscreen or shade fabric can be hung from the balcony ceiling to screen out intense morning or afternoon sun. Preferred colors are tan or beige and dark or dull green. My experience is that these fabrics tend to be online-only items from home improvement stores. A perusal of finds the following possibilities:

Coolaroo 6'x15' Heritage Green Shade Cloth $20.00

Coolaroo Roller Shades in various sizes and colors $25-$100

Easy Gardener 6'x20' Saddle Tan Sun Screen Fabric or Heavy Green Shade Cloth $28.00