The duties of the landscaping contractor include:

  • Mowing, fertilizing, and re-seeding lawns
  • Trimming and maintaining trees and bushes
  • Planting flowers seasonally and maintaining gardens
  • Watering
  • Maintaining sprinkler system
  • Keeping grounds, pool and spa decks, sidewalks, tennis courts, and carports free of dirt, trash, and debris
  • Replacing common-area and outdoor lightbulbs as needed
  • Special landscaping projects at the direction of the Board
Desert Landscape Project

Over the past few years, there has been much discussion about replacing lush courtyard vegetation with xeriscape (drought-resistant) plants, both to reduce water use and maintenance costs, and to create an aesthetic more consistent with this part of the country. Xeriscape is also seen as a promising way to make use of small spaces around spas, lamp posts, and other hard-to-fill spots that might otherwise be filled with flowers, or left empty.

In Spring 2012, the Board gave the go-ahead for the landscaping contractor to create a xeriscape courtyard at the 451 building, which it completed during the summer. In addition, the Board had the contractor create small xeriscape gardens around the perimeter of the West Pool. In October, the Landscape Committee solicited feedback about these projects from residents, and presented them, along with suggestions for improvement, to the contractor and the Board. 

The Board decided to proceed by funding xeriscape gardens around Spas 1 and 2. It hopes to continue with the transformation of other courtyards in the future. 

For more information about the Desert Landscape Project, contact Nancy Heck at 206-498-0728, or email her at
Below are pictures of the new xeriscape gardens around the West Pool.

canyon country club estados

Water Conservation Report

In 2016, the Board hired a consulting firm to advise on water conservation measures, including upgrades to the sprinkler system and changes to landscaping. Its report can be found here.