Canyon Country Club Estados Homeowners, Renters and Guests!


In order to take good care of our community and neighbors, please find a variety of links on this page and further information below regarding important topics for enjoying life at Canyon Country Club Estados!

Canyon Country Club Estados was established as a condominium community in 1975. Located on 11.79 acres of leased Indian land in the south end of Palm Springs, it consists of 120 units in nine two-story residential buildings. One-, two-, and three-bedroom units are available. All lower-level units have a patio, upper-level units a balcony.

Recreational amenities include 3 swimming pools, 4 spas, 6 tennis and/or pickleball courts, clubhouse, fitness center, saunas, library/reading room and 12 barbecue grills.

Maintenance & Management

‚ÄčThe maintenance needs of the community are handled by Premier Community Association Management. The monthly homeowners association fee effective January 2024 is $647.00 per month.

If there is a common-area problem, homeowners should use the maintenance request form in the Premier Community Association Management mobile phone app called AppFolio.  Click this link to access the Homeowner Portal

To gain access to the AppFolio Homeowner Portal and mobile phone app, report a problem by email or phone, or get answers to billing questions, please contact:

Jamie Hansen, Community Manager

(760) 345-2449 

Board of Director Meetings

Estados Homeowners Association is governed by a five-member Board of Directors elected by the unit owners. Board meetings are usually held at 9:00AM or 9:30AM on the fourth Friday of each month in the meeting room at the Clubhouse, usually with an option for both board members and owners to attend virtually on ZOOM. Sometimes the date is moved to avoid a holiday conflict and summer meetings are optional. Owners and residents are welcome to attend and address the board during open forum at monthly association meetings. Agendas are emailed out to owners as well as posted on each building's bulletin board, which are located by the mailboxes.

Annual Meeting of Homeowners

The Annual Meeting of unit owners is generally held on a Saturday afternoon in March, April or May, or as set by the Board. Election of Board members is by secret ballot distributed to unit owners several weeks prior to the meeting. Ballots are opened, and election results are announced, at the Annual Meeting. 

All Annual and Board meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed in the Premier Community Association Management AppFolio HomeOwner Portal.


Trash & Recycling

The franchised trash disposal and recycling service for the City of Palm Springs is Palm Springs Disposal Service (760-327-1351). Trash pickups are on Tuesday and Friday; recycling pickup is on Wednesday only. All items to be disposed of must be placed in dumpsters or designated recycling carts and not left on the ground inside trash enclosures.  CCCE does NOT have maintenance staff to clean out enclosures or bins - residents are responsible for the upkeep of these enclosures or the HOA has fines imposed by they City of Palm Springs. Dumpsters and carts are conveniently located in 6 locations around the property.

The City of Palm Springs requires that all recyclable materials at Canyon Country Club Estados be placed in green or blue recycle carts.  HOA's will be assessed fines for recyclable materials being discarded inappropriately in trash dumpsters, so compliance with city ordinance is required.

Green carts are for organics/food waste and blue carts are for most other types of common recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic bottles, glass jars, metal cans, etc. Organic food waste must be placed in clear or white plastic bags before discarding in green recycle carts. Standard recycling in blue carts should NOT be placed in bags and left loose in the carts. Large cardboard boxes must be collapsed and cut or folded to fit in the blue carts. If you leave them outside the carts, they will not be picked up. Alternatively, you can bundle them and bring them to the Palm Springs Disposal office at 4690 E. Mesquite Ave. (near Gene Autry Trail) during business hours. Resources and information about recycling requirements can be found at:

Recycle Right | City of Palm Springs (

Residential Organic Waste | City of Palm Springs (

Organics Recycling Brochure (PDF - Sept 2022)

Do not leave large items, such as furniture, appliances and mattresses outside the dumpsters; they will not be picked up unless special arrangements have been made by the homeowner with Palm Springs Disposal. Their website contains useful information on the disposal of hazardous waste, furniture, appliances, mattresses, electronics, and other special services.  Items requiring removal will be done so at the homeowner's expense.

The duties of the landscaping contractor include:

  • Mowing, fertilizing, and re-seeding lawns
  • Trimming and maintaining trees and bushes
  • Planting flowers seasonally and maintaining gardens
  • Watering
  • Maintaining sprinkler system
  • Keeping grounds, pool and spa decks, sidewalks, tennis courts, and carports free of dirt, trash, and debris
  • Replacing common-area and outdoor lightbulbs as needed
  • Special landscaping projects at the direction of the Board

Fruit Trees
The property is abundant with citrus trees -- orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, and more. Residents are welcome to help themselves to ripe fruit, from the tree or from the ground, at any time during the citrus season, which generally runs from December through April. To assure that there is enough for everyone, please do not take more than you can use in a reasonable period of time. Toward the end of the season, the grounds crew will remove most of the excess fruit when they trim the trees.

Each unit comes with one assigned and numbered covered parking space, either in one of the 12 carports located throughout the property, or on the ground floor of the Clubhouse. If you are renting, you should inquire of the owner or agent about the use of the assigned parking space that comes with your unit. Do not park in someone else's space without their permission.

Carports may be used only for storage of motor vehicles. Other items are subject to removal and disposal at owners expense.

Visitor parking spaces are located in marked areas, mostly along Via Carisma, as well as a few spaces off San Jose Rd. (see map). Parking in these spaces is limited to 72 hours (3 days). Vehicles left longer than that without moving are subject to ticketing and towing at the vehicle owner's expense. If longer-term parking is needed, consider using one of the adjoining residential streets, which are under the jurisdiction of the City of Palm Springs.

To recover a towed vehicle, please contact the Community Manager for towing location.

For additional parking restrictions, see Rules & Regulations.

For a map of the property, click HERE.

Most residents at Canyon Country Club Estados consider it to be a safe place to live. However, Estados is not a gated community and incidences of vandalism and theft do occur. Palm Springs police strongly recommend that you do not leave anything remotely valuable in your vehicle, and do not store anything of great value in the carport storage compartments.

If persons who are not residents or guests enter the property at night to use the amenities (like pools, spas, etc), please call the police non-emergency line at (760) 323-8116 to report trespassers, as well as notify management.

In an emergency, always call 911.

Key Duplication And Replacement

Common-Area Key. Some common-area facilities are accessed with a special key. If you purchased your unit, you should have received the key from the former owner or their agent at the closing. If you're renting, you should have received it from the owner or rental agent. The key contains the inscription "Do not duplicate," and replacement copies should be obtained only from Premier Community Association Management. The fee for this is $10. Copies will only be provided to unit owners; renters should contact their landlord or rental agent.

The Clubhouse and Fitness Center require a special keyless entry card for access. If you are an owner, you can obtain a card from Premier Community Association Management for a refundable deposit of $25. If you rent, see your landlord or rental agent.

Mailbox Locks and Keys. The U.S. Post Office no longer provides new locks and keys. Purchasing and installing them is the owners responsibility. Premier Community Association Management cannot provide replacement keys or locks. If the key is lost or no longer works well, the lock will probably have to be replaced. This is easy to do, but the box will have to be open to remove the old lock, so it may be necessary to catch the letter carrier on his or her rounds to gain access to the interior of the box. Note that most locks sold for this purpose at home improvement stores do not work in these boxes. You should take the lock to a locksmith and get a universal replacement. 

A local locksmith familiar with our property is:

Valley Lock and Safe
68100 Ramon Rd., Suite C-11 (at Landau Blvd.)
Cathedral City
(760) 321-5397